The Global Good Governance serve as a global platform for dialogue, deliberation and engagement towards a greater understanding of key issues in governance, ethics and sustainability.

The 3G Summit will convene leaders, experts, decision makers, policy makers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, government and NGO representatives, and academicians.

Organised by Cambridge IFA, a financial intelligence house and think tank based in the UK, the 3G Summit will present new knowledge, promote world-class solutions, and engage a broad spectrum of voices.

It will focus on several issues from sustainable development to climate change, economic empowerment, equality, ethics, leadership and societal and environmental impact.


Sustainability mega trends such as climate change, demographic shifts, and changing consumer preferences are creating material risks and opportunities to business; including impacts within its value chains and operating context.

All these are likely to affect businesses’ future performance. More and more organisations and governments are recognising that good governance ultimately fosters sustainability, creates sustainable values and helps them achieve their values.

Under the theme Good Governance for Sustainable Development, the 3G Summit will explore the building blocks for a sustainable development, which are strong governance system, responsibility to the environment and impact to society at large.

Other topics to be addressed include

Business as a force for good
Sustainability leadership
Climate change
Societal and environmental impact
Sustainable economic performance
Ethics in a digital age
Financial crime risk
Economic empowerment
Sustainable responsible investment


Designed for policy makers, practitioners, businesses and scholars alike, the 3G Summit will unveil innovative solutions, showcase latest best practices, disseminate research findings, and share hard-earned lessons on what works and what to avoid.

When you join 3G Summit you are guaranteed walk out enlightened on the micro and macro of governance and sustainability.

Connect with the best industry leaders and build network
Learn about emerging governance & sustainability trends from a range of speakers and panelists
Gather & exchange best practices to enhance your effectiveness and leadership skills
Get insights on the latest in the field of sustainability
Find solutions-based deliberations


Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with the brightest minds and stay up to date with the latest global trends driving governance and sustainability.

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